box canyon

hydroelectric Project

Located on Howe Sound about 45 km north of Vancouver, British Columbia, this 16 MW run-of-river hydroelectric project includes three high elevation water intake diversions for Box Canyon, Marty and Cascara Creeks, a water conveyance pipeline (HDPE) and penstocks (HDPE/Steel), a single unit powerhouse, substation and transmission line.

The tailrace of the powerhouse discharges into McNabb Creek at (more or less) sea level.

Our work

Chant was involved in all the conceptual design and constructability review processes and led a constructability review of preliminary design concepts, provided cost and scheduling expertise for contemplated delivery solution scenarios, permitting support and the development of parametric and detailed cost estimates as part of the multi-year front end engineering development (“FEED”) phase.

During the construction phase, Chant acted as Construction Manager on the owner’s behalf.


  • The Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project is purported to have the most hydraulically complex design of any run-of-river hydroelectric project in North America.
  • Participated in the Alliance Contracting model adopted for the work.
  • Chant coordinated site activities with other contractors and advised on dispute resolution/solution scenarios.
  • Provided change management, negotiating with the contractors the eligibility of certain costs as reimbursable (Target Cost delivery model).
  • Conducted hold and witness point inspections on all work, monitoring safety, quality, schedule and environmental impact.